Netherlands pavilion World Expo 2025, Osaka, Kansai

A New Dawn

The Netherlands Expo 2025 pavilion responds to one of humanity’s biggest challenges: everything that does not grow is finite. We are nearing the end of materials and fossil resources. Our solution is the circular design, with circular materials and zero-emission energy sources.

These serve as starting points for the pavilion design. The theme of water, a source of clean and unlimited energy, is reflected in the facade and roof. The fully circular pavilion can be reassembled, and all materials are registered in a material passport on the Madaster platform.

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Spaces where people feel human

We are temporary guests in a closed system: the earth. Materials that do not grow are finite, needs are temporary, and, above all, our behaviour determines the viability of life. But within the earth’s limits, we can develop mentally.

Spaces for 2045

Circularity means designing a new system - a fundamentally different approach to architecture and its design methodology. We do what is necessary, not what is feasible. As architects, we are responsible for the future of our environment. RAU has been at the forefront of architecture with circular potential for over 30 years.

Living proof

We show what is possible if you have the courage to do things differently. Our design process prioritizes strategy and philosophy. Our buildings are constructed on those foundations. Aesthetics will change, as they always have over time.

We make future-oriented designs that face systemic problems. We demonstrate what is necessary.

Meet RAU

We are spiritual beings on a human journey, not human beings on a spiritual journey.

RAU’s approach leads to a building as an active element in a circular economic system. Conceived as a bank of materials and as a unique form for a place and people in time. We cherish our role as architects. Our architecture reflects an awareness of our position and attitude as humans: we are guests on earth.